Thank you to everyone who entered or nominated someone for the 2022 Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards. It was a fabulous evening spent celebrating the amazing achievements of all the women who attended and entered the awards. If you missed our coverage of the evening check out our Instagram highlights of the night. Find the 2022 Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards winners and finalists below. Each has made a significant impact on their communities and the lives of others and deserves to be celebrated!
The Charity Champion is an outstanding individual who helps to motivate and engage others in fundraising and awareness raising activity. Whether this is to support an individual charity or multiple, the Charity Champion goes above and beyond to support charitable causes.


Veronica Kumeta

Veronica founded the charity Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer in 2000 to support those dealing with the life-changing breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, £1.5 million has been raised for life saving equipment at the Queen Elisabeth Hospital Birmingham for breast cancer, including the UK’s only pink mobile mammogram. Its ‘hug-in-a-bag' scheme was established to gift women fighting breast cancer useful and thoughtful goodies, designed to help them attending their first chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions.


Emma Burns

Since starting her position as Corporate Partnerships Manager at St Raphael’s Hospice back in January 2020, Emma has gone above and beyond to raise much needed funds to help care for those with a terminal illness and their families and friends. Always looking to push boundaries on what ‘corporate fundraising’ should be, she has recently created a bespoke fundraising event targeted at business leaders, titled ‘I’m a Director...Get Me Out of Here!.’

Georgie Moseley

Georgie founded the charity HelpHarryHelpOthers with her son Harry before he passed away. The charity offers support to cancer patients and their families and friends under the comfort and safety of a dedicated cancer centre. As well as managing the charity, Georgie works tirelessly to raise funds and awareness to support ongoing research and the running of the charity.

Kim Price

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Kim undertook weeks of intensive training to become a volunteer Covid-19 vaccinator with the St John’s Ambulance charity. To date, Kim has vaccinated more than 8,000 people! Since then, she has set up a local support and hosting group for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Fundraising is close to Kim’s heart and has raised funds for several local charities.

Rae Gellel

Rae is the founder and director of the Greenwich Wildlife Network, an organisation devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned, injured, and ill wildlife. Rae founded the GWN when she recognised that there were no wildlife rescue centres within the London boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. Within just a few years, the GWN has become a highly effective animal rescue service, with Rae overseeing the day-to-day running of the GWN – from training and coordinating volunteers, to rescuing animals and providing daily care.

We are looking for an inspiring individual that is passionate about driving positive social change within their community and beyond. This category recognises the notable work that this super woman does towards championing and positively promoting a cause whilst inspiring others to do the same.


Christina Walker

Following Christina’s son, Louis’ diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), she has campaigned tirelessly to create a life unlimited, not just for her son, but for all those with CF. Working with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and a group of CF parents, Christina negotiated with the NHS and a pharmaceutical company, to secure access to drugs with life changing potential for the CF community. It took four years of campaigning to get access to the drugs on the NHS and Christina continues to fight for access to this drug for others who need across the world.


Emily Clarke

Emily set up the Landport Community Café, a community and food initiative where customers pay what they can afford. To alleviate issues around stigma and exclusion, the café was open to all every Friday evening. During the pandemic Emily single-handedly provided over 1,000 meals for NHS frontline staff, providing meals for those working in Haywards Heath ICU. She also set up the Lewes School Uniform Bank in 2017, providing school children from low-income families with a new school uniform, winter coat and bags for the autumn term.

Meredith Winter

Meredith founded the Campaign for Fair Trials, a non-profit advocacy organisation seeking to improve the criminal justice system's treatment of sexual violence survivors. She was inspired to set up this organisation after her own experience of sexual violence and the flawed criminal justice system. Working with a team of talented and dedicated young women, Meredith is working to conduct ambitious survivor-centred research, campaign work and lobbying efforts to bring about positive change.

Sarah Maile

Teacher, Sarah has been actively engaged with Amnesty International since the age of 18. Committed to educating, equipping, and empowering young people, she has strived to give her students a safe space to discuss issues that are important to them. She does this through the running of the Amnesty Club, Anti-Racism Group and Feminism Club on lunchtimes aimed at staff and students. Encouraging students and staff to lobby for matters and issues that are important to them, Sarah also delivers staff training on issues such as FGM, Domestic violence and LGBTQ+ rights.

Charlotte Fairall

After losing her 10-year-old daughter Sophie to cancer in September 2021, Charlotte set up the charity Sophie’s Legacy to drive change in the treatment, research, and awareness of childhood cancer. Since Sophie’s diagnosis, Charlotte worked to get childhood cancer debated in The House of Commons as well as working with the NHS to make national changes to feed parents whilst staying with their children in hospital, one of the things Sophie wanted changing. Charlotte has also raised over £100,000 for childhood cancer charities.

At Pour Moi we want to celebrate and pay tribute to those women that have faced and overcome significant challenges in their lives. The Pour Moi Loves award recognises these unsung heroes and their ability to overcome adversity and share their inspiring story to impact the lives of others.


Leanne Pero

Entrepreneur, speaker, cancer survivor and plus size model, Leanne has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. At the age of 15 years old, Leane founded dance company The Movement Factor (TMF). She has since raised over £250,000 in funding for TMF and engaged with over half a million young people. At the age of 30 years old, Leane was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Overwhelmed with stories echoing her own, Leanne created the Black Woman Rising support group to provide a free, safe space for Black women to come together. Leanne has also founded ‘The Leanne Pero Foundation’ and the ‘Black Women Rising’ cancer support project.


Susan Longworth

As a baby Susan was diagnosed with eye cancer and following surgery and radiotherapy became partially sighted. As a teenager the cancer had spread to her other eye, resulting in the eye being removed. Having to learn braille and adapt to her new way of living, Susan went to university to study sociology and social work. Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021, Susan hasn’t let this affect her many fundraising activities.

Melissa Hayward

Melissa has faced a challenging couple of years, from her partner losing his job at the start of the pandemic to battling postnatal depression and dealing with financial pressures. Despite sacrificing her maternity leave to be able to provide for her family, Melissa has shown the strength to carry on. She recently lost her dad, who meant everything to hear and whilst dealing with this loss she is learning to love, accept and most importantly give credit to herself for supporting her family despite everything that they have been through.

Tia Walker

Tia joined the Royal Army Medical Corps when she was 17 years old. Fast forward six years later and she’s thriving more than she ever thought, despite people telling her that ‘she’d never do it’ or ‘stick it out!’ Refusing to let her gender be a barrier, she joined an infantry unit as the only female. Showing that she is as good and as worthy as her male counterparts, she has been to places such as Austria, France, Canada, Germany, Cyprus and Ukraine.

Emma Lawton

Emma was born with a heart condition and deaf and has faced many struggles throughout her life including bullying. Most recently she was diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome and now uses a crutch daily for support. Despite her challenges she has battled on, Emma is currently in her final year of university and has recently been elected as Students with Disabilities Officer at her university. In this role, Emma can help other disabled students to overcome any barriers and get the accessibility and support they need.

Our Extraordinary Entrepreneur award celebrates the woman behind the business. She is nothing short of remarkable after creating a business, overcoming risks, and enjoying the rewards that come with starting a business. As an entrepreneur their drive and determination to start their own business is inspirational.


Chamiah Dewey

Chamiah is the first person in the UK to develop a sustainable, adaptive clothing brand for people with Dwarfism, a community of people often underrepresented by the fashion industry. With a mission to disrupt the fashion industry, Chamiah uses her platform to promote acceptance, education and awareness for people with disabilities and Dwarfism. Her brand Chamiah Dewey Fashion supports local craftmanship and women in business by working with independent, female-owned and run manufacturers within the UK.


Katie Overton-Hart

After losing her events business due to the pandemic, Katie took the gamble to launch her own brand of spirits. It was risky time to start a new business, especially in an industry that is heavily male dominated. However, this didn’t stop Katie from launching G&H Spirits with not one, but three multi award-winning gins. Since then, G&H Spirits has gone from strength to strength and Katie has been recognised by a leading industry publication as a working mum at the forefront of the distilling industry.

Zoe Ellis

Zoe opened the Plam Cocktail Bar and Eatery in Chester just before Covid-19 struck in November 2019. Regardless of the financial and economic struggles due to the pandemic, Zoe has created a successful business. The Palm Cocktail Bar is a safe space for women, with all staff having compulsory training in the safety initiative ‘Ask Angela’. Zoe is also currently working with Women’s Aid with the aim of training team members to recognise signs of domestic violence or distress.#

Jessica Harris

After Jessica’s son, Jonah was diagnosed with a dairy and soya allergy at an early age she soon noticed the lack of healthy food choices for children with allergies. Realising there were thousands of parents facing the same frustration, Jessica decided to launch Little Bandits. As the first dairy free brand for kids, Little Bandits has won both brand and product awards. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Jessica along with her female co-founder have successfully launched in Asda and 275 nurseries.

Annie Beatson

As the founder of Luxemore London, a premium, all-natural wellness brand providing a range of vegan hair and skin products, Annie is leading the clean beauty movement in the afro hair-care industry. She has extensive knowledge of the natural hair community and a deep care for the positive effects that natural products have on the health of her wider community. Luxemore London also partners with NGO, Distant Relatives to provide 10% of proceeds to underprivileged and underserved children around the world.

This award identifies and celebrates the role of women in business across all industries. Seen as a trail blazer, and a driving force for growth and change the Innovator In Business champions, celebrates and advocates for female co-workers. As well as acting as a mentor to support and inspire young women in the workplace.


Keira O'Mara

Starting from an idea on maternity leave, Keria used the idea to launch a discreet breastfeeding cover after she was made redundant. With no prior experience of setting up a business but with a desire to succeed, Mama Designs has a range of award winning eco, baby and period products all designed in the UK. During the pandemic Mama Designs hosted four ‘Baby Event’s, to support mums to be and parents who were isolated.


Kelly Gordon

As a full-time wheelchair user, Kelly has been creating a new normal and paving the way for others, adapting old and creating new ways to include disabled people within the workplace. As the co-founder and people director of With Not For, an organisation that connects employers to a huge database of disabled candidates, she has helped many people with disabilities find work. Kelly also works to normalise disability and sex, through her podcast, Pleasure Rebels, and her work with London-based sex toy company Hot Octopus.

Julia Darlington

Passionate about empowering women in business to dream big and achieve their goals, Julia runs her own coaching and consultancy business. Helping women to build self-confidence and overcome their doubts and fears, Julia provides practical tools to help women successfully grow their business. Previously working for and leading numerous global brands around the world and more recently acting as the Communications Ambassador for The AllBright Female Founders digital members, Julia is driven every day by the desire to inspire and empower as many women as possible.

Rachel Stockey

Rachel works as the Head of Entrepreneurial Skills at King’s College London, where she helps staff, students and alumni develop entrepreneurial skills. As part of her strive for gender equality, Rachel has secured funding from Santander to develop King’s first Women Entrepreneurs Network to help more women start businesses. Rachel also holds a voluntary position as Chair of Elevate, King’s Staff Gender Equality network. She also offers free coaching sessions to women who need personal and professional support.

Naomi Metzger

Naomi Metzger is a nine-time British Champion in women’s triple jump and a published photographer. After losing her main sponsorship last year, Naomi created and illustrated Afrochicks, a women led project celebrating Black women with the hope of supporting the future of sports, tech and art. Creating Afrochicks allows Naomi to fund her sporting journey and in the future aims to support other women. She also hosts weekly talks, celebrating and interviewing other Black women in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space, where her work is hosted and sold.

Nominations for the 2022 Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards are now closed!

The awards recognise inspirational and fabulous women that are making an impact across their community and around the world.

Recognise and champion the inspirational women within your life and community by nominating them in the 2022 Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards. All finalists will be invited to attend a champagne and canapé reception at the 2022 Pour Moi Uplifting Women Awards on Thursday 19th May 2022.

The winner of each category will receive a fabulous £5,000 cash prize as well as £2,000 worth of Pour Moi vouchers.

Meet the judging panel

We are proud to announce our fabulous team of judges, including founder of Pour Moi, Michael Thomson. With a shared vision of celebrating women, our extraordinary judging panel is made up of inspirational individuals from a variety of industries and walks of life. They will carefully assess the entries and decide based on the information supplied which entrants will be selected as part of the shortlists and winners.

Michael Thomson

Being a champion of women, Pour Moi founder Michael Thomson first found his passion for women’s lingerie after working in marketing for Marks & Spencer. Fast forward to 2005, and Pour Moi was born. Since then, he’s been helping women feel confident and sexy in their own skin through lingerie, clothing, nightwear, sportswear and swimwear.

Sandie Roberts

Since first being diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in 2019, Sandie Roberts has used her platform to support, empower and raise awareness for body positivity and those living with disabilities. Sandie won the 2021 #TeamPourMoi Ambassador Scheme, after capturing the hearts of Pour Moi with her fun, creative and empowering content. Sandie’s drive and tenacity to spread awareness has been inspirational, as she uses her platform to help others with disabilities, self-acceptance, and body positivity.

Sarah Willingham

As one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and investors, Sarah has extensive expertise in the hospitality industry. Leading the international expansion of well-known restaurant chains, Sarah has cemented her position as a notable figure within the restaurant industry. As a prominent business mentor, former Dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and proud mom of four, Sarah knows exactly what it takes to grow, nurture and expand a business whilst balancing family life.

Tinea Taylor

With over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, DJ and presenter, Tinea Taylor is true UK radio royalty. As a key speaker at events such as ‘Go Think Big’ and ‘GRL PWR GANG’, Tinea leads the way in uplifting and inspiring young women both on and off the airwaves. Currently a KISS FM Radio DJ, Tinea has performed at huge events and awards across the UK and abroad.

Demi Jones

Former Love Island contestant, Demi Jones, has become a full-time social media influencer since she found fame in 2020. As an advocate for cancer awareness, Demi has shared openly her own journey with thyroid cancer. Having recently appeared on ITV1’s The Real Full Monty in aid of raising awareness for cancer, Demi has gone on to inspire and empower other individuals on their own cancer journey. She recently announced the amazing news that she is officially cancer free!

Amanda Akokhia

Not one to shy away from pushing boundaries, acclaimed award-winning photographer, Amanda Akokhia brings stories to life through her art. With 11 years of experience, her images have been published in the likes of British Vogue, Forbes and Cosmopolitan to name a few. An expert in creating a visual story through her creative, styling, shooting and editing techniques, we are delighted to have Amanda shoot the judges for the Uplifting Women Awards, as well as being a judge herself.

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